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A little bit about us and what we do

We were born through the lack Of Respect Given to members of other groups we founded …
The repeated questions never bothered us and People with No knowledge were treated like Lepers… We believe in nurture.
We all Started from the beginning and we believe that people given the relevant tools can do anything they desire!
We’re Not only a group were a community and we believe in what we stand for and we will fight Tooth and nail for anyone wronged!!

Renegades is a 100% TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE EPG and we believe in FREE IPTV. THE VERY BEST FREE IPTV. We link the very best FREE streams from FREE addons. We do NOT charge for our services. We are NOT a paid iptv. We have never taken a penny not even a beer for what we do.
We do it for the love of making people happy. We do this because we love you, the user. And that in our eyes is the end goal. Happy users, happy Renegades.
At the top of Renegades we have a channel called the Renegades Info channel. It tells you what Renegades Channel each Football match & all other sports will be on, find out more HERE.
Renegades channels can be found at the end of the Main XMLTV and Sports XMLTV. We have 30 of these and on match days & major sports events they are linked up with the games. Check the info channel first(American and Canadian users we haven’t forgotten about you its being worked on don’t worry!)
We do the sports…..NFL, UFC, Boxing, WWE, all the football links, too many sports to mention. Especially the Darts. And I don’t mean just one SD link. Multiple links from multiple addons. If one stream goes down boom click out and hit another!
I categorically refuse to put in rubbish quality links because I believe that our users that use Renegades deserve the best and we will not stop bringing you the best quality links.
If you haven’t checked us out, we are more than just a “TV Guide” – you can search and play movies and TV shows straight from inside the guide through a Meta search & Metalliq which searches through all your video addons for that movie or TV show.
If you havent used it Check out some of the pages and posts on this site. It really is THAT good.

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