How To Add Your Own Categories

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Here we will show you in a step by step way how to use the categories section and how to add your own custom category.

This function is a really really useful tool you can set up categories for all your family so they have there own personal guide.

Renegades your guide your way.

First of all we need to open the guide as normal from the main page open the context menu (dependent on device click the “c” button on a keyboard, press the button with three lines on a remote,) and you will be presented with this screen.

Screenshot 2017-04-04 22.35.42

Context Menu

From here you can then move across to a category of your liking that we have already set up for you i have gone to sports press enter/ok and it will take you show you all the channels in that category as pictured below.


Go across so you can find the category you want and click on it.


All channels in that category are then shown in the guide


Now we will show you how to add your own categories and add channels to it for your ease of use.

open the context menu again and move down to “Guide Manager” then select “add category”


Select the add category section as shown

When you click on it you will be asked to name your new category…


I have named mine “My Favorite Channels”

Once you have finished naming it click on “Done” and your category will be placed with the others (alphabetically) go to your new category and press the context button again and you will be presented with this screen.


Your category menu after pressing the context button.

Click on add channels and you will get this screen.


Adding channels to your new category

Go down and click on the channels you want to add to your category they will change colour when added to the category.


Names will change colour when added to the category

When done adding your channels click “Done” and go to your new category at the top and click on it


And your new category will show all the channels you have just put in


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