What are essential addons for Renegades & what do they do ?

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There is a some essential addons for Renegades to get the very best out of the guide here we will explain what they are and what they do in the guide.

First of all we are going to look at Super favs :—

This is an essential addon for Renegades as we use it for our live links that we put on the Renegades Channels (at the very bottom of the main XMLTV,Sports XMLTV or has its own category) on these channels you will find live events such as sports events, popular TV programs & lots of other stuff. We put several high quality links in for each event from several addons so that you can pick your favorite links or if one link doesn’t work or you don’t have the addon installed there is always another link.

We also have our own channel links for every channel in the guide that are updated regular in the so that there is always a link in there that works.

You can install your personal super favs in renegades addon settings so you can save your own links if you desire and use them.

Super favs folders require to be updated which you can find in the addon integration tab of renegades settings or can be set up to automatically update on start up (we publish on fb and twitter if you are required to update your folders before the start of live events so keep your eye open for these notices update manually and set download interval to every start can be changed at after guide has loaded once)

How To Install Super Favourites

Second of all we are going to look at Meta :—

Meta is an addon that scans addons to find a stream for what you are looking for.It works by installing players which can be enabled in the in the addon integration screen in Renegades settings or meta settings you can either download and enable all addons (after initial Renegades setup Click here for install guide) or manually select the addons available to you to enable.(Make sure you enable podgods super favs player so that you can take advantage of renegades superfavs as above.)

This addon can be used for searching Movies tv shows music addons and so much more.

all this can be configured in meta addons settings

How To Install Meta

Now we will look at Metalliq addon :—

Metalliq addon works similar to meta using players but has some different players allowing you to have more options for finding a stream you are looking for.The players can be added in the addon integration screen in Renegades settings the same as Meta.

Metalliq has an initial set up function from with in the addons settings.You can use Metalliq for searching Movies, TV shows & music streams and so much more.

all this can be configured in Metalliq settings.

this guide is for extended info mod but mettaliq is in the same repo and also uses extended info as a dependancy so in the repo install Metalliq instead of extended info.How To Install Metalliq



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